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Everyone needs healthy water. Healthy water should contain all the essential minerals and no contaminants. Sadly, It is a precious and rare commodity. It is only getting worse as more toxic substances are land-filled, dissolved by water, and enter the groundwater systems that supply your town’s water sources.

True Health Water Systems has a proven solution with a whole-house water purification system designed to totally remove these harmful contaminants where it counts the most – in the shower. One’s exposure to harmful contaminants is 20-100 times greater in the shower than drinking the water. It’s in the shower, not the sink, where the war on contaminants is won and ones health is enhanced.

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Why True Health,
why now?

Our filtration advantage leads to vastly superior contaminant removal in an increasingly demanding water quality environment.

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    We deliver healthy water where it counts most

    True Health is a pioneer in the healthy home water industry. This is because we bring healthy water to your entire house - every fixture. Currently, the industry is dominated by water softeners and point of use reverse osmosis systems. In fact, these two components still represent about 90% of industry revenues... neither represent a healthy water solution.

  • We deliver a solution while others sell a product

    We are the only company in the industry that can regularly prove TOTAL removal of regulated contaminants like TTHMs and PFAs at every tap in your home. The unique design of our True-Pure system requires no back-washing, is simpler to maintain, and built to last a lifetime with the highest quality NSF certified components. Competitors can only reduce these contaminants for a short time except for reverse osmosis at a sink. Our systems are not the most expensive but certainly possess the highest performance and peace of mind with semi-annual testing proof.

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    Unmatched proof of performance

    Unfortunately, no municipal water department is in control of the health of your water. This is because they are not in control of what is land-filled or buried or in control of what water is highly dissolving. Once dissolved these toxins are transported to wells and reservoirs through the vast groundwater system. Town water departments are limited to only providing non-corrosive and disinfected water. In fact, they are no more capable of providing healthy water than they are of providing hot water. Most people love hot water in their homes but would admit that having healthy water for the family is obviously more important. Now you can actually have healthy water with our True-Pure system.

The True-Pure Line

True-Pure™ 2000

For 1 or 2 person households looking for healthier and better tasting water. 1-5 micron filtration and carbon block purification up...

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True-Pure 2000™ THM

Appropriate for family use in lesser contaminated situations needing 9-10 GPM flow rates.

Removes 99.9% of...

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True-Pure™ 3000

Heading is "True-Pure 3000" Excellent choice for lower use ( 1 or 2 person ) and limited space households in the most...

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True-Pure™ 3000 THM

Our flagship system for large family use in the most contaminated water areas. Tested and proven to remove 100% of THMs and PFAs for...

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