Our True Passion

Healthy water for your family and home

Our story

We are passionate about providing something increasingly rare and vitally important – healthy home water.


Our founding mission

True Health Water Systems was founded to find a solution for a basic need - clean and healthy water for your home, pets, and business. I was shocked to discover that over 90% of today's home water treatment systems installed and still being sold do not address this seemingly simple demand. The industry is dominated by the same processes sold since the 1940s with water softeners and reverse osmosis since the 1970s. Neither of these processes provide healthy water.

The healthy water industry barely exists because it addresses things that you can't smell or taste, even though your immune system has to fight them exponentially harder.

This passion for healthy water led me to become fully acquainted with the many issues of the South Shore's water supply. Through research and design we achieved a breakthrough in purification performance which has allowed us to prove total removal of THMs and PFAs as well as almost all contaminants for the whole house.


The True Health solution: Clean and healthy water with care free ownership

Our systems allow you to win the war in the shower where your exposure to harmful contaminants is 20-100X greater versus drinking. Our systems are simpler to understand, offer the leading price/performance in the market, and most importantly, bear the burden of semi-annual testing proof of performance where you see every test result of a set of systems in the most contaminated towns of the South Shore.

We offer care free service plans that keep your system running at optimal performance and component warranty that can make your system last a lifetime.


Our systems are very competitively priced and are available with care-free service plans that carry a full component warranty.


Little changes can make a big difference

Our simple mission is to provide peace of mind, health to your family, and protection for your home investment. You'll be amazed at the benefits.


Take long showers and enjoy them, drink all the delicious water you can, and have total confidence that your family, plumbing system, and expensive appliances are protected. Call or email today for a free in-home consultation on the best investment you can make in your health and home.


The benefits of having healthy, clean, and enjoyable water are probably as incalculable as the value of your life and loved ones.


Healthy home water is rarer than gold 

Water with all the essential minerals and no contaminants allows your immune system to process and flush out contaminants that we get from almost everything in our daily life. I believe that healthy water can prevent more sickness than medicine can cure because a healthy immune system is more effective than commonly understood.


Healthy water where it counts the most

For most of us the largest daily exposure to contaminants comes from showering. This is because our skin is our largest organ and the most direct pathway to our bloodstream is through our lungs. Being the only company able to deliver contaminant free water in the shower adds greatly to our system’s benefit and value.

Healthy water AND protection of your plumbing system, appliances, fixtures

Make your water even more enjoyable with salt-free conditioning that protects your appliances, fixtures, hair, and skin while allowing the healthy and essential minerals to remain. No need of water softener and/or reverse osmosis system at a sink which removes the health of the water. It is a common sense addition versus destroying your septic system, driving much higher sewer bills, or flooding your back yard every night with water softeners. Reverse osmosis is only a point of use application where your need for protection is far less.

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We would enjoy the opportunity to meet you at your home to discuss the topic of healthy water, how our system works, and to answer any questions you may have so that you are informed and empowered to make the best decision.