Why True Health, why now?

With True Health leading the way, you can finally have healthy water from every tap in your home.

True Health is a pioneer in the healthy home water industry

  • True Health is a pioneer in the healthy home water industry. This is because we bring healthy water to your entire house – every fixture. Currently, the industry is dominated by water softeners and point of use reverse osmosis systems.
  • In fact, these two components still represent about 90% of industry revenues and neither represent a healthy water solution.

The levels of water contamination is only getting worse

  • The amount of landfilled and dumped chemicals, metals, and chlorides is only increasing.
  • Related illness and weakened immune systems do to our exposure to these is a growing risk.


Little changes can make a big difference to your health and peace of mind.


Healthy water from every tap.

The war against whatever is unhealthy in your water is won in the shower – not the sink.


Local knowledge of each towns water issues.

Having a deep and growing understanding of each towns water quality allows us to provide consistently healthy water by custom design to everyone.


True peace of mind through testing proof.

True Health currently is the only provider of whole house, non-reverse osmosis, systems proven to REMOVE harmful contaminants like PFAs. All customers receive semi-annual test results that define our big performance advantage.

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Want proof? We deliverĀ  it every six months.

All of True Health’s customers receive every test result taken. Over the last 5 years we have spent over $12000 to prove that our systems can remove THMs, PFAs, and many other contaminants.

Continual testing proof of our systems sets us apart from the industry and gives you the greatest peace of mind and value for your investment.

True Health Water Systems possesses a great advantage in the area of whole-house water purification. By introducing fresh ideas into a monolithic industry that isn’t focused on healthy water, we can offer custom systems that produce dramatic performance and service advantages – truly healthy water by design. The difference can be life-changing.

True Health bears the burden of proof that your system works and removes these harmful contaminants. We can do this with confidence because we have designed in far greater filtration capability which means far greater carbon purification ability.

  1. We test 6 Hanover, 4 Scituate, and 4 Hingham 3000 THM systems every 6 months and share results with every customer so that they have a unique peace of mind.
  2. By testing in the three most contaminated South Shore towns we provide obvious comfort to those with our systems in lesser contaminated towns.
  3. A 3 year PFA test in Hanover performed by Envirotech showed total PFA removal while 18-31 ppt of PFA6 detected before our system.

Why trust any other company if they don’t trust their systems enough to do the same testing?

THM test results for December 2021

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions ordered by popularity. Remember that if the visitor has not committed to the call to action, they may still have questions (doubts) that can be answered.

  • Is there a True Pure system available for under a sink that addresses contaminant removal for drinking water?

    No, we only install whole house point of entry systems that address where your greatest exposure to anything in the water is - the shower. We do not think it is a good investment to only address drinking water as it is almost inconsequential in the big picture. Investing in only a point of use system could be considered penny wise and pound foolish.

  • Do I need a reverse osmosis system?

    No - Reverse osmosis systems produce purified, distilled water. Although it can remove almost every contaminant it is not healthy by itself and called "dead water". Since we can remove all of the contaminants at the point of entry while leaving the health in the water we do not need a reverse osmosis component. All other companies need to offer it because it is the only way they can check the contaminant removal box. Meanwhile, they also leave you unprotected where it counts - in the shower.

  • What's the difference between water softening and salt-free conditioning?

    Water softening is the process called ion exchange. Since minerals are so highly dissolved they go right through any filtration just like they can go through your skin. Softeners remove these essential mineral ions and replace it with a sodium ion. Into your plumbing system is nothing but all the contaminants and sodium. This process denies water's top function but does protect your appliances from its enemy - healthy minerals that want to corrode metal. They are high maintenance, destroy septic systems or drive sewer costs higher with the nightly back-washing function, and remove the health of the water.

    Salt free conditioning allows the healthy minerals to remain in the water but coats these ions with an atomic layer that makes them unable to stick to metal or to each other called scaling. They discourage water spots and help with hair quality and care as well as skin health.

  • Why can't the water departments provide healthy water?

    Water departments in this country face an impossible task as almost everything is beyond their control. They aren't responsible for what is put in the ground and dissolved by water and ends up in the wells or reservoirs. Their 3 main processes are PH management, iron and manganese removal, and disinfection with chlorine or chloramine. They can not deliver healthy water any more than they can hot water.

  • Does the system reduce water pressure throughout the house?


  • Do the owner have to maintain the system?

    True Health offers care-free service plans that keep your system running at optimal performance while also providing full system warranty against any component or plumbing failure. Salt free conditioners come with their own manufacturers warranty.

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We would enjoy the opportunity to meet you at your home to discuss the topic of healthy water, how our system works, and to answer any questions you may have so that you are informed and empowered to make the best decision.