THM Test Results 19 Mar, 2024

June 2020 Hanover and Scituate TTHM tests

Results are in for latest Hanover and Scituate TTHM tests!

Continued excellence in performance of your True Health system.

In all 6 Hanover tests and all 4 Scituate tests taken from our THM line of water filtration systems in June 2020, average town TTHM levels are at or below minimum detection levels of 0.5 ppb versus the EPA maximum contamination level of 80 ppb. This makes 18 consecutive months of unmatched performance and customer peace of mind.

My commentary on the results:

I am very pleased with these results. Without exception, they show very effective removal of harmful contaminants and the provision of healthy water to your family. 
Though I would always prefer “ND” across the board, we are dealing with many variables that change frequently. Hanover just moved to using chloramine a couple months ago and I don’t know what that meant to the water quality during the transition. We do know that your system is handling it well regardless of these fluctuations
We will continue to take these tests every 6 months to gauge when carbon depletion allows TTHMs to approach 5 ppb. With far healthier overall water quality in your home, your body’s immune system is becoming stronger and stronger. This is happening because pure water is flushing out processed toxins, obtained from almost everything but your water, from your body while delivering essential minerals as fuel for your immune system. Healthy water will prevent more sickness than any medicine can cure.
I look forward to our next tests this December.

Yours truly,

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