THM Test Results 19 Mar, 2024

June 2023 THM test results provide peace of mind and total removal

True Health Water Systems performed its semi-annual THM (a regulated disinfectant byproduct) test at the 3 most contaminated towns in the South Shore (on a regulated basis).

I apologize for these results being delivered so late. One of my tests was rejected by the lab because of the presence of an air bubble in one sample which would lead to an artificially low THM reading as THMs would enter the air bubble. Another test was quickly taken and the process of sending out the results was delayed a couple weeks.

Hanover and Scituate have recently exceeded the 80 ppb TTHM MCL limits for safety. As a reminder, this EPA level is way above the 50 ppb MCL of Europe. We take a total of 14 THM tests at 6 Hanover sites, 4 Scituate, and 4 Hingham installs where our 3000 THM system is employed.  This is performed every 6 months to prove a simple differentiator between True Health and everyone else – our system actually works.  Unlike competing systems that just reduce THMs for a few months, our system totally removes these contaminants and proves it every 6 months so that our customers have a rare peace of mind knowing they have healthy water. Healthy water in your home is truly rarer than gold.

I must stress again the importance of being able to consistently deliver proof of performance. Not one other company has a product that can prove the same for the whole house. You only need to ask any competitor for similar proof and none will be offered. True Health has also proven to remove 100% of PFAs and ammonia from Hanover’s water over the last 4 years. Our filtration capability also protects you from high manganese levels seen in Scituates’ water by removing all of the precipitated manganese.

By taking these tests regularly we gain a true understanding of how long the carbon purification tank can effectively remove all known South Shore contaminants outside of fluoride. You will note a 12 ppb THM level that was noticed at a Scituate site that was due for its scheduled carbon tank replacement a month later. That’s how we understand in real time how long our carbon lasts in each market. We quickly replaced the carbon tank and fulfilled our obligation to manage the systems for effectively zero contaminants over time. 

A summary of the results show that our True-Pure 3000 THM line removes THMs from your water. Here are the results below:

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