THM Test Results 19 Mar, 2024

June 2022 THM tests provide rare peace of mind

True Health Water Systems performed its semi-annual THM (a regulated disinfectant byproduct) test at the 3 most contaminated towns in the South Shore (on a regulated basis). We take a total of 14 THM tests at 6 Hanover sites, 4 Scituate, and 4 Hingham installs where our 3000 THM system is employed.every 6 months to prove a simple differentiator between True Health and everyone else – our system actually works.  Unlike competing systems that just reduce THMs for a few months, our system totally removes these contaminants and proves it every 6 months so that our customers have a rare peace of mind knowing they have healthy water. Healthy water in your home is truly rarer than gold.

I must stress again the importance of being able to consistently deliver proof of performance. True health has also proven to remove 100% of PFAs and ammonia from Hanover’s water over the last 4 years. Our filtration capability also protects you from high manganese levels seen in Scituates’ water.

A summary of the results show that our True-Pure 3000 THM line removes THMs from your water. Here are the results:

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