21 Aug, 2021

PFA notices and concerns answered

Concerns are high after towns issue PFA violation notices.

Many towns in the South Shore and elsewhere have been receiving notices  that they violate the State imposed 20 ppt maximum contamination level  for PFAs. PFAs are cytotoxins that aren’t easily processed by your  immune system. Their half life is 16 years in your body hence the name  “forever chemical”. Unfortunately, PFAs are in 98% of things. PFAs are  just one of a host of things that water has dissolved that attack the  immune system in the average municipal water system. The State has at  least taken the initiative that the EPA has failed to do and declare a  20 ppt (parts per trillion) MCL limit as the EPA has only issued a 70  ppt safety advisory level. Please note that it is a matter of public  record that the EPA has hidden research findings of even 1 ppt being  dangerous to your health.

This is a wake-up call. Hardly anything is regulated. That goes for what  is landfilled and what is dissolved by natures solvent, water, as it  makes its way into the water table, reservoirs, and wells. Hardly any towns will pass the test.

I see that some notices claim that they are not aware of any whole house  water purification systems that can remove PFAs. That statement is a  defining one for True Health Water Systems.

I saw this coming over 2 years ago and have been testing my True-Pure  3000 THM system for PFAs since 9/2019 independently through Envirotech staff visits. The reason why I spent over $4000 testing for PFAs was that I thought I my company could benefit from the  use of a certain coal-based carbon thought to be more effective at  adsorbing PFAs versus the catalytic carbon I use in my systems. Maybe there was a PFA blend I could offer at a higher price since it answered a  need.

The results of my True-Pure 3000 THM testing show that my system  effectively removes all PFAs without the use of the hybrid carbon. I  know that our filtration capability is the reason for our carbon purification efficiency. I have the test results available on my website  www.truehealthws.com in the blog section for peace of mind.

To summarize, the first test taken was September 2019. It showed 28 ppt  of PFAs at the meter (A) before my system. A second test sample (B) was  taken after the first carbon tank used in my True-Pure 3000 THM line. A  third test sample (C) was taken after a secondary carbon tank using the hybrid carbon.

In September 2018 the incoming PFAs were over 28 ppt, All PFAs but half  of the PFOS (3.4 ppt) was removed after the first tank. All remaining  PFOS was removed after the second tank.

In October 2020 another test was taken. It showed 31 ppt at the meter but none after the first tank.

I will be taking another test this September. That will be over $6000 in  PFA tests. We spend the money to know the truth and provide the peace  of mind that only we can.

Now all water departments should know that there is one system proven to remove PFAs. Now at least the towns have one system they can point to as a solution.

You are well taken care of with True Health Water Systems. 

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